martedì 14 marzo 2006

Clam Bake: what is it?

Visto che neanche io conoscevo questa zuppa fino a quando non ho conosciuto il mio collega americano, ecco qualche informazione presa dal sito :

Clam Bakes are typically New England, given to the early settlers of this area by
the Indians. A real bake is a rare delight, usually a day long celebration, a family
feast. Basically the Clam Bake consists of steamers, wrapped fish fillets, sausage,
potatoes, onions, corn on the cob, and lobster. Always proceeded by homemade clam chowder, and sometimes, clam cakes; the dessert watermelon and perhaps pie and Indian pudding. For the baking of the main ingredients a pit is dug and rocks are heated by the building of a very hot fire. This is kept going for about 2-3 hours. Ashes and embers are brushed away, fresh clean seaweed added and then the clams, fish, potatoes, etc., topping with the lobsters. Over all this goes seaweed and a large canvas, which is sealed down with rocks or sand. The bake cooks in the steam created by the freshly gathered seaweed and the hot rocks. Such an appetizing aroma! Home clam Bakes of the type mentioned are a rarity these days, although there are good commercial bakes to be found in most New England shore areas. [...] Clam Bakes are always eaten outdoors. Fresh air, fellowship, and wonderful food combine to make a memorable experience and an anticipation of next years bake.

Per l'articolo completo e la ricetta vi rimando al sito dove potete ritrovare l'articolo inserendo come chiave di ricerca "Clam Bake".

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